Sandoll was first established in 1984, as the first Korean Font Foundry. As Sandoll removed the barriers of expression in Hangeul because of the language difference, it is creating the world where everyone can freely express anything.



Held the [Sandoll SAISIOT] Type Conference 
A type conference was held to share knowledge on the topic of typography. [Sandoll SAISIOT] symbolizes change through interaction, and embodies the commitment to creating positive change and growth together.

Developed 「LG EI Headline」 for ‘LG’  

Hosted the Hangeul Day collaborative exhibition [My Favorite Hangeul]  
To commemorate Hangeul Day, an exhibition was hosted in collaboration with over 100 creators. Through this project, the form of ‘Hangeul’ as a script was reexamined, and its endless possibilities were conveyed.

Developed 「Jalnan Gothic」 for ‘GC company’  

Webfont product launched on the ‘SandollCloud’ platform  
Leveraging new web font technology optimized for the Korean web font environment and Hangeul, a new, easy-to-use web font service has been launched.

‘Sandoll MetaLab’ Acquires Digital Stock Service ‘BBTree’
Sandoll's subsidiary, ‘Sandoll MetaLab’ acquired ‘BBTree’ and expanded its business scope to include stock image services utilizing generative image technology. Sandoll is broadening its IP to encompass essential content for creation, from fonts to stock images.


‘Sandoll Inc’ listed on KOSDAQ
‘Sandoll Inc’ became the first in the industry to be listed on the KOSDAQ

Developed 「Alibaba Sans KR」 for ‘Alibaba’

Developed 「NanumSquare Neo」 for ‘Naver’

Developed 「LINE Seed」 for ‘LINE’

Developed 「Coupang Sans」 for ‘Coupang’

Registered a technology patent for webfont services
A technical patent has been registered for the method of web font service in the font service system.
(Patent No. 10-2420159)

Released NFT project ‘TYPY’
Sandoll Metalab is researching advanced blockchain technology that can separate and recombine NFTs, linking the scientific principles of Hangeul to the core identity of TYPY.

Registered a technical patent for font recognition

A technical patent has been registered for neural network training data for font recognition, as well as for an AI-based font recognition method and recognition system.

(Patent No. 10-2349506) (Patent No. 10-2349510)

Launched image font search app ‘Font Font’


Established the subsidiary company, ‘Sandoll MetaLab’

‘Sandoll MetaLab’ researches and utilizes new technologies to create services that can assist creators across a diverse range of fields.

Launched ‘Iam’, Sandoll's mobile-exclusive font brand

Developed 「LCK Title」 and 「LCK Subtitle」 for ‘Riot Games’

Developed the exclusive font ‘Toss Product Sans’ for 'Toss,' a Korean financial service platform


Launched the [Font Usage Range Integration] campaign for simplifying the licenses, enabling risk-free use of font products

‘SandollCloud’ has abolished license distinctions for the convenience of users and to facilitate a free environment for font usage.

Released ‘SandollCloud’ mobile version

Developed 「IBM Plex Sans KR」, 「IBM Plex Sans JP」 for ‘IBM’

Developed 『Sandoll Comp』 series, 「Sandoll CompSerif」

It is the first Latin-exclusive font released by Sandoll, and it is also a variable font.

Developed 「Sandoll GretaSans」

It is the Korean version of 「Greta Sans」 a large multilingual family from the Dutch type foundry Typotheque. With a total of 10 weights, it offers a wide range of usability from very small body text to very thick headlines.

Hoping to make the world
better place to live together

Hoping to make the world better place to live together