[ Press release]Sandoll Subsidiary Launches GPT Store, an AI-based Font Search Service

11 Mar 2024
  • Utilizing AI technology owned by Sandoll Meta lab, the exclusive Korean font search service is provided within the GPT Store.
  • Through the Korean Font Finder, users receive optimized font recommendations, enhancing convenience and efficiency in work time.

March 11, 2024 (Monday)

Sandoll Co., Ltd.'s subsidiary, Sandoll Metalab Co., Ltd. (CEO sung min Cho), announced on the 11th that it has registered the Korean Font Finder, the first Korean font search service available in the GPT Store. The GPT Store, created based on Large Language Models (LLMs) by OpenAI, is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell applied Artificial Intelligence (AI). Currently registered under the name "Korean Font Finder" in the GPT Store, this service utilizes AI-based font search technology to recognize Korean characters in images and assist users in searching for the Korean fonts they need.

The Korean Font Finder, powered by machine learning technology and algorithms from Sandoll Metalab, provides users with optimized font recommendations based on the style, design elements, and usage fields of Korean fonts. This significantly saves users' working time and enhances work efficiency.

With its inclusion in the GPT Store, the Korean Font Finder is expected to reach more users domestically and internationally. It will serve as a valuable tool for global users who struggle to find and select Korean fonts amid increasing global demand for K-content, such as K-pop, dramas, and movies, and growing interest in Korean fonts. Sandoll Metalab's provision of a specialized AI-based Korean font search service is anticipated to strengthen its position in the global AI market.

Furthermore, the Korean Font Finder currently provides font search results including font creators and font names. However, it plans to evolve into a service that provides all specific information related to fonts in the future. Additionally, it aims to expand its service to fonts in various languages worldwide, becoming a service that not only excels in font search but also provides the most comprehensive information in the global market. Through this, Sandoll Metalab plans to lead the global content market.

sung min cho, CEO of Sandoll Metalab, stated, "The Korean Font Finder was developed as a service to alleviate users' difficulties in finding Korean fonts and to provide a more convenient environment for font usage. It was designed to maximize user convenience," he continued, "In the future, Sandoll Metalab will continue to develop innovative technologies through artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency of content creators' work and strive to introduce a wider range of services."