[ Press release]SandollCloud Receives High Praise from College Students for "Beautiful Fonts, Quality, and Ease of Use" in Campus Campaign

27 Feb 2024
  •  College students who participated in the SandollCloud Can Campus Campaign highlighted "beautiful fonts," "quality," and "ease of use" as the main keywords.
  •  In 2024, Season 4 of the new Campus Campaign was launched, actively incorporating feedback from previous participants to expand brand and designer fonts, and partnering with KakaoTalk Student ID and Yuto Image services.

February 27, 2024 (Tuesday)

content creator platform company Sandoll Co., Ltd. (CEO Young-ho Yun) revealed on the 27th that the representative keywords from college students' firsthand experiences with the "SandollCloud Can Campus Campaign" were "beautiful fonts," "quality," and "ease of use."

SandollCloud collected and analyzed real reviews from university students who participated in past campus campaigns to derive key review keywords. The results confirmed positive user feedback, including keywords such as "beautiful fonts," "quality," "ease of use," "useful," "stress-free," and "necessary."

The top three keywords most frequently mentioned in the reviews were ▲beautiful fonts (17%), ▲quality (14%), and ▲ease of use (11%).

Since its inception in 2022, the "SandollCloud Can Campus Campaign," the first of its kind in Korea, has provided free fonts, templates, and college life tips to university students nationwide, enabling them to use fonts without worrying about copyright issues whenever they need them for academic purposes.

Participants in the campaign expressed high satisfaction with being able to freely use 200 high-quality SandollCloud fonts, trusted by creators in various fields, without copyright concerns.

As the importance of font usage in college life grows, the Campus Campaign has expanded its reach to students from 80% of universities nationwide in just three seasons. With the ongoing fourth season, the campaign is gaining attention for actively incorporating feedback from previous participants to offer even more diverse benefits.

SandollCloud, based on customer feedback, has introduced various enhancements and services in Season 4, reflecting keywords such as ▲more and diverse fonts, ▲contests, assignments, PPT presentations, and ▲convenient use.

Firstly, to address the desire for ▲more and diverse fonts, the campaign has expanded the benefits from seven brand fonts in the previous season to 20 brand/designer fonts in the current season, including fonts from independent designers, providing an even broader experience.

Additionally, in response to the high emphasis on ▲utilization-related keywords such as contests, assignments, and PPT presentations, the campaign has added a benefit allowing the use of 30 cuts of paid content, including photos, icons, graphics, and videos from the stock image site, Yuto Image, to enhance the quality of work.

Moreover, to continue satisfying the high satisfaction with ▲convenient use, SandollCloud has partnered with KakaoTalk Student ID and business, offering KakaoTalk Student ID verification service for convenience. KakaoTalk Student ID is a convenient verification service provided in the KakaoTalk wallet, allowing easy verification of student status without the need for a separate student ID or certificate submission, enabling easy student verification on SandollCloud.

Furthermore, SandollCloud provides participants who verify their identity with KakaoTalk Student ID with five additional coupons for paid fonts in addition to the 200 coupons for paid fonts offered through the Campus Campaign. These coupons, like the Can Campus Campaign coupons, can be used without restrictions within the licensing scope.

A Sandoll representative stated, "Through real reviews from university students who participated in the SandollCloud Can Campus Campaign, we confirmed the high utilization of the campaign and the necessity of fonts." They added, "We will continue to expand the campaign to provide practical assistance to even more college students in the future."