[ Press release]Sandoll Develops LG Electronics’ Exclusive Font ‘LG EI Headline’

14 Feb 2024
  • Completes development of Emotional Intelligence Headline under leadership of Sandoll and LG Corporate Design Center Design Identity Management.
  • Develops Latin, Latin expansion, Greek, and Vietnamese, and expands its multilingual font production capabilities to solidify its position as global font company.

February 14, 2024 (Wednesday)

Sandoll, a typeface design foundry (CEO Yun Young-ho), announced on the **th that it has completed the development of a multilingual version of the ‘LG EI Headline’ (Emotional Intelligence Headline) font exclusively for a global tech company LG Electronics.

Designed to provide a better experience to Latin and global users, LG EI Headline Project continued for 10 months from January 23, 2023, in collaboration with the Corporate Design Center Design Identity Management as part of LG Electronics global marketing group-led brand Reinvent.

The font was crafted to embody LG’s slogan, “Life’s Good,” by containing their brand value that innovates rationally and conveys emotional value. This reflects the design philosophy of EI (Emotionally Intelligent).


Through this project, Sandoll proved its ability to produce multilingual fonts such as Korean and Latin as well as Greek and Vietnamese, and strengthened its position in the global typography field.

In particular, Sandoll carried out the LG Electronics EI headline project, reflecting the company’s brand philosophy, technical characteristics, and design elements in a balanced manner.

Multilingual fonts are available in Latin, Latin extension, Greek, and Vietnamese for global customers. In consideration of various usage environments, it is made of a variable font that can be used freely by adjusting the thickness or width desired by the user along with five fixed weights to increase usability.

The overall font design is geometric and emphasizes the curved stroke of the font that includes the circle. The corners inside the circle are rounded to give a sense of human softness and warmth, while the exterior has geometric curves to represent LG’s innovative technology.

The morphological characteristics also maintained visual consistency to give uniformity of the brand image of each multilingual language, such as Latin, Vietnamese, and Greek, and secured visibility by optimizing the thickness of each stroke and spatial distribution between pixels.

A Sandoll official said, “When companies wishing to enter the global market produce multilingual fonts, the characteristics of each country’s language must harmonize with each other and require high readability, so Sandoll, which has extensive production experience and know-how, produces multilingual fonts at once. “In particular, Sandoll’s nation’s best hinting(Technology to make fine pixels in LCDs look clear)technology and multilingual production capabilities reduce the communication process that requires communicating with multiple countries, making it more efficient. “Font development is possible, and requests from companies are increasing as it provides convenience for follow-up measures such as language expansion and after-sales service.”

Sandoll has worked on several global font projects besides the latest LG project. It was in charge of creating and directing fonts for Korea, China, and Japan (CJK) at IBM Flex project, a multilingual font series underway with IBM.

In addition, a global font project with Dutch-type foundry Typhoque ‘November’ was honored with the Brands & Communication Design Best of Best at the 2023 Red Dot Design Awards last year. This recognition has bolstered its competitiveness in the global font market.