Gmarket Sans

"Gmarket Sans" is a font that embodies the diverse and intuitive shopping experience pursued by Gmarket in a simple and linear form. The geometric letter shapes, fully filled within square frames, create neatly aligned lines of text, designed to convey a clean and orderly impression.

Comprising 11,172 Hangul characters, it allows for all possible Korean expressions through combinations of initial consonants, vowels, and final consonants. The font is designed to be free of breaking issues and is visible in print, web, and mobile environments, making it comfortably usable in any setting.

ClienteBay Korea

Light, Medium, Bold

TeamsPark Juseong, Kim Chorong, Im Changseop, Choi Sungwoo, Kim Yoonyeong

Hangul 11,172/ Latin 95/ Symbols 985

Captures the unique culture of a brand and embodies it through typography.

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