Sandoll creates convenient and fabulous world to live in with its variety of services. Sandoll provides clear and easy service so that even the smallest thoughts do not stay as feelings and become a big step to the better world.

Easy and convenient expression

Font platform for creators

With a goal of transcending the current standing − the biggest Font Platform in Korea, Sandoll continuously creates volumes of content and easy-to-use environment.

The best self-expression

Sandoll fonts

Sandoll works on making various types of fonts for everyone to express themselves freely with their own voice.

Effective and sustainable branding

Customized fonts for brands

We create customized fonts that contains the brand’s identity to help deliver the unique voice of brands.

New possibilities

Expanding the new technology base

We create various content and services based on new technologies such as Big Data, Blockchain and AI. Through this we create new opportunities and expand the everyday life experience.

Hoping to make the world
better place to live together

Hoping to make the world better place to live together