‘Sandoll Inc’ listed on KOSDAQ
Sandoll Inc has now reached a new milestone in its history by being the first in the industry to be listed on KOSDAQ

Developed 「Alibaba Sans KR」 for ‘Alibaba’

Developed 「NanumSquare Neo」 for ‘Naver’

Developed 「LINE Seed」 for ‘LINE’

Developed 「Coupang Sans」 for ‘Coupang’

Released NFT project ‘TYPY’
Sandollmetalab released a project that combines highly sophisticated blockchain technology that separates and combines NFT with Hangeul’s scientific principles.

Launched image font search app ‘Font Font’


Established the subsidiary company, ‘Sandoll Metalab’

Through research and application of new technologies, Sandoll create service that can help various ranges of creators.

Launched a mobile exclusive font brand, ‘Iam’

Developed 「LCK Title」 and 「LCK Subtitle」 for ‘Riot Games’

Developed the font 「Toss Product Sans」 exclusive for finance platform, ‘Toss’


Started a [Integrating the range of Font use] campaign

Sandoll cloud has stopped the overall license classification to create an environment where users can freely and conveniently use fonts.

Released ‘Sandoll cloud mobile version’

Developed 「IBM Plex Sans KR」, 「IBM Plex Sans JP」 for ‘IBM’

Developed 『Sandoll Comp』 series, 「Sandoll CompSerif」

It is the first Latin font Sandoll has ever released and a variable font.

Developed 「Sandoll GretaSans」

It is a Hangeul version of 「GretaSans」, by the Dutch Type Foundary Typotheque.


Released the know-how of developing CJK at ‘ATypI 2019’
Sandoll has participated and did a presentation at the world’s largest font conference, ATypl.


Developed 『Euljiro』 series for the E-commerce platform ‘BAEMIN'’

Developed 「RIDI Batang」 for the content platform ‘RIDI’

Hosted a showcase of 「Sandoll Jeongche」
Sandoll has showcased the new body text type 「Sandoll Jeongche」 that transcends the boundaries of Serif and San-Serif.


New spinoff entity Sandol Inc

Purpose of spinoff include font business expansion and  strengthening service offering.

Expanded the service of ‘Sandollcloud’ into a font platform.
‘Sandollcloud’ service is now expanded to allow users to freely use variety of Foundry fonts.

Developed a font for Chilsung boatyard, 「Sandoll Chilsung Boatyard」

Created 「Sandoll Hoyoyo」

It is the first proportional font created by Sandoll. It leaps and bound the existing forms of fonts, which allows users new experience.

Created 「Sandoll Nemony」

This font is made to be bright and light and is applicable in much more situations and places than other existing squared fonts.


Winner of <2017 iF Design Award>,「Hyundai Sans」

Winner of <2017 Red Dot Award> 「Hyundai Sans」


Hosted ‘D.N.A of Hangeul Type’, a Hangeul Special Exhibition for the 570th anniversary of Hangeul day

Sandoll has elaborated on the process of making Hangeul fonts that are frequently and diversely used in our daily lives, so that people can understand it easily.

Developed 「Kakao Friends」 for ‘Kakao Friends‘

Developed「NanumSquare」 for ‘Naver’

「NanumSquare」 won the 1st place in Hangeul category at <2016 GRANSHAN>

「Sandoll LateSpring」 won 2nd place in Hangeul category at <2016 GRANSHAN>


「Sandoll Swallow2」, <2015 GRANSHAN> Won the 1st place in Hangeul Category


Launched cloud font service ‘SandollCloud’

SandollCloud was launched so that users can freely and conveniently use Sandoll fonts anywhere, anytime.

Released 「Noto Sans」, an open source font for CJK, collaborated with ‘Google’ and ‘Adobe’

Sandoll was in charge of Hangeul design part of 「Noto Sans」, as a representative Font Foundry of Korea

「Sandoll MyeongjoNeo1」, 「Sandoll GothicNeo1」 won the first and second place respectively in Hangeul category of <GRANSHAN 2014>

「Sandoll Tokyo」 Won first place in display type category in <GRANSHAN 2014>

「Olleh Neo」, customized for KT, won prize in Typography in <2014 Red Dot Design Award>


Developed 『Sandoll GothicNeo』 series, 「Sandoll GothicNeo1」

It is a user-centered font for text designed with Sandoll’s technology and experience.

Installed 「Apple SD Sandoll GothicNeo」 on ‘Apple’ OS X and iOS.


Established ‘Sandolltium Co’ Ltd, specializing in Hangeul-based culture products

Developed 「SAMSUNG」, the first font in Korea designed for a company

It is a font developed with Samsung for corporate use, so that users can experience everything in a consistent manner from Samsung.

Customized 「Nanum serif」 for ‘Naver’


Hosted ‘Korea Japan Typography Forum’


Developed 「Yonandi」 for ‘Hyundaicard’


Applied Manual Hinting technique for the first time during the ‘Microsoft’ 「Malgun Gothic」 project

Sandoll participated the project to have Hangeul Font in Windows as a partner company.


Supplied font package Hangeul style to ‘Hancom Inc’


Developed 「Sandoll Jebi」

It is a reinterpretation of Serif, one of the most representative font by Sandoll


Sandoll, the long history begins

Then CEO Seok Geum-ho, surprised by the fact that Korea has been importing typesetting from Japan,

Founded Sandoll Typographics, the first Korean Font Foundry.

Hoping to make the world
better place to live together

Hoping to make the world better place to live together