[ Press release]Sandoll Completes Acquisition of Yoon Design Group, Aiming for New Growth in the Font Content Industry

25 Jun 2024
  • Sandoll Completes Acquisition of Yoon Design Group, Establishing the Largest Font Platform in Korea
  • Aiming for Synergy in Both Domestic and Global Markets through Font IP Competitiveness, Design Capabilities, and Platform Technology

June 25, 2024 (Tuesday)

Sandoll Inc. (CEO Young-ho Yun), a content creator platform company, announced on the 25th (Tuesday) that it has completed the final payment for the acquisition of Yoon Design Group Inc., finalizing the acquisition process.

With this acquisition, Sandoll strengthens its leading role in the font industry, enhances the industrial value of Hangeul, and solidifies its position as a company dedicated to advancing and preserving Hangeul.

Particularly, through the acquisition of Yoon Design, Sandoll has established the largest font platform in Korea, securing an unrivaled position in the domestic market.

Sandoll, known for developing unique and beautiful Hangeul fonts, plans to combine its strengths with Yoon Design’s innovative and creative font designs, further enhancing the diversity and quality of Hangeul fonts. The synergy between the two companies is expected to set new standards in the Hangeul font market.

This acquisition is part of Sandoll’s strategy to strengthen its business structure and increase market share. By securing Yoon Design’s content intellectual property (IP), Sandoll plans to expand its business areas and create more value.

The combination of the rich IP and font design experience of both Sandoll and Yoon Design Group, along with Sandoll’s cloud-based platform technology, is expected to enable the development and provision of a new dimension of font services. Through this, Sandoll aims to set new goals for the entire Hangeul font industry and actively pursue growth, including global business expansion.

Young-ho Yun, CEO of Sandoll, stated, “With the acquisition of Yoon Design, Sandoll will play a leading role in the Hangeul font industry. We will do our best to make this acquisition a significant opportunity for increasing profitability and continue to expand our business areas and provide more innovative content in the future.”