[ Press release]Sandoll MetabLab Launches 'Fontwiki', the Largest Global Font Information Library in Korea

9 Apr 2024
  • Sandoll's subsidiary, Sandoll MetaLab, unveils Fontwiki, boasting a repository of over 100,000 global font data.
  • Incorporating AI technology for extensive font data organization and automatic thumbnail generation to differentiate library services.
  • Continuously striving to enhance efficiency for content creators both domestically and internationally Fontwiki Service Interface

                                                                                                    April 9, 2024 (Tuesday)

Content creator platform company Sandoll Corporation (CEO Young-ho Yun), a leading content creator platform company, announced on April 9th that its subsidiary, Sandoll MetabLab (CEO Sung-min Jo), has launched Fontwiki, the largest global font information library in Korea, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Fontwiki, introduced by Sandoll MetabLab, stands as the largest font library in Korea with over 100,000 pieces of global font information. Users seeking font-related information can access Fontwiki and search for font names to retrieve various results, including font suppliers, designers, font families, licenses, and download links.

To handle the massive volume of global font information, Fontwiki extensively employs AI data processing technology. Font data from around the world is managed under consistent standards using AI-based data processing technology, ensuring uniformity in information delivery to users.

A unique feature introduced by Fontwiki is the automatic font thumbnail generation technology using its proprietary image-based AI technology. Thumbnails (preview images) are created and provided, allowing users to select fonts and obtain information based solely on the thumbnail without the need to inspect the font details.

Currently, Fontwiki offers information on Latin and Hangul fonts, with plans to sequentially add multilingual font libraries, including Chinese and Japanese fonts. Furthermore, Fontwiki plans to expand AI services based on the vast font data collected, including image-based AI font search technology, GPT-based interactive chatbot font search, and similar font recommendations using proprietary algorithms.

Sung-min Jo, CEO of Sandoll MetabLab, expressed delight in introducing Fontwiki, the largest font library in Korea incorporating AI technology. He stated, "We are pleased to offer users more diverse and accurate font information through Fontwiki, the largest font library in Korea powered by AI technology." He added, "Sandoll MetabLab will continue its efforts to enhance the efficiency of domestic and international content creators and present quality information and technology as a global font library."