[ Press release]SandollCloud Welcomes Apple's Japanese Font 'Hiragino' for iPhone

5 Apr 2024
  • SandollCloud introduces SCREEN Graphic Solutions' renowned Japanese font, Hiragino, as a new addition.
  • The Hiragino font supports Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Latin characters, catering to diverse language needs.
  • Continuously expanding its font platform to provide 14 languages simultaneously, enhancing user convenience.

April 5, 2024 (Friday)

content creator platform company Sandoll Corporation (CEO Young-ho Yun), a leading content creator platform company, announced on April 5th that SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. ("SCREEN"), a Japanese font company, has joined its font platform, SandollCloud, with its brand product, 'Hiragino Kaku Gothic.'

The newly added Hiragino font from SCREEN is available on the SandollCloud platform, offering unrestricted usage for various content creation purposes, just like all other fonts on the platform. One notable feature is its support for four languages – Latin, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese – within a single product.

Previously, it was rare to find products that included Japanese, Latin, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese fonts in South Korea. Typically, when designers needed fonts in different languages, they had to search for visually similar fonts for each language separately and choose different products for each. However, with the 'Hiragino font' from SCREEN, users can seamlessly blend fonts from different language groups, as it supports all four languages in one product. The Chinese characters for Simplified and Traditional Chinese are provided under the font names 'Hiragino Sans GB' and 'Hiragino Sans TC,' respectively.

The Hiragino font, widely adopted in Apple's Mac OS, iPhone, and iPad devices, has established itself as a de facto standard in the design industry. It is also highly trusted, being commonly used in TV broadcasts, various publications, and by businesses and organizations across different fields. The font received global recognition when it won the Good Design Award in 2005, acknowledged for its readability and design quality in Japanese text.

Yukiyoshi Tanaka, the representative of SCREEN, expressed delight in partnering with Sandoll, a leading font company in Korea. He stated, "I am pleased to collaborate with Sandoll, a font company representing Korea. With the increasing popularity of Korean content, multilingual fonts have become even more critical in Japan." He added, "I look forward to seeing the Hiragino font widely used as a solution to enhance readability in the creative activities of Korean designers and creators."

Young-ho Yun, CEO of Sandoll, commented, "With the introduction of the Hiragino Sans brand product, a representative Japanese font, we expect to increase user efficiency by providing multilingual fonts, including Japanese, Latin, and Chinese characters, organically." He added, "Sandoll will continue to provide services that support creators' activities in various languages and strive to enhance their convenience."

Established in 1984, SCREEN is a globally recognized solution provider beyond Japan. Leveraging high-level design and technology, SCREEN offers font and typography services to a diverse range of customers, developing and selling innovative and original fonts in the printing-related field.