[ Press release]SandollCloud, Fully Revamped for User Convenience Considering the Expanded User Base of Font Users

29 Mar 2024
  • Service updates to enhance convenience features in line with the transformation of font user base from professionals to the general public.
  • Introduction of font search functionality based on Korean font classification criteria, enhancing efficiency in font usage.

March 29, 2024 (Friday)

content creator platform company Sandoll Corporation (CEO Young-ho Yun) announced on Friday (29th) that its font platform, SandollCloud, underwent a comprehensive overhaul of user interface (UI) and web page redesign.

SandollCloud has updated its features to make services easily understandable for anyone, from designers and web agencies to individual creators and the general public, as the user base has expanded significantly in recent years.

The focus of this redesign was on enhancing user convenience, improving Korean font classification, and providing various platform services.

Firstly, the revamped SandollCloud website underwent a complete UI overhaul to make font searching and usage easy for first-time users. It introduced expanded search functionality not previously available in domestic font platforms, significantly enhancing user experience (UX).

Additionally, SandollCloud introduced a new font classification feature called 'Korean Font Branches,' a first in the domestic font platform. It improved the existing unclear Korean font classification system and applied a refined Korean font classification system to enhance exploration, making it easier for users to find fonts of their desired styles.

Moreover, SandollCloud introduced a font recommendation search feature to make font usage easy and convenient for both existing users and newcomers. It provides related and popular search terms during font searches, making font exploration easy and engaging even when users lack information about fonts.

Furthermore, new features were opened, allowing users to grasp trends such as 'Font Sales Ranking' and 'Font Activation Ranking' based on font usage data of SandollCloud users, helping customers in font selection.

Service improvements for font usage efficiency were also made. The font control feature, allowing customers to activate/deactivate fonts as needed, was strengthened.

In addition to previous capabilities such as activating/deactivating individual fonts and font weights, the service update added the ability to activate/deactivate all fonts, subscription-based fonts, and page-specific fonts. This allows users to control font usage according to their preferences, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Moreover, tools were provided to acquire font expertise and terminology, and various information contents such as news of new font entries and font utilization were simplified to provide convenience and enhance user accessibility.

A Sandoll representative stated, "This service redesign was conducted to create an environment where fonts can be easily used by both professionals and general users, reflecting the diverse user base of font usage." He added, "SandollCloud will continue to prioritize customer satisfaction as the foremost goal and strive to leap forward as a content resource platform that provides various conveniences for font platforms and more users through continuous deliberation and technological development."