[ Press release]Utoimage Introduces AI-Based Search Technology, a First in the Domestic Stock Image Industry

19 Mar 2024
  • UtoImage, the first in the domestic stock image industry to adopt AI-based search technology.
  • Reduces unnecessary work time in image search, effectively improving the creative process efficiency for workers.

March 19, 2024 (Tuesday)

content creator platform company Sandoll Corporation (CEO Young-ho Yun), through its subsidiary, announced on Tuesday (19th) that its subsidiary, BBTree Co., Ltd. (CEO Chan-woo Jeong), has applied a new technology using AI to its service, UtoImage.

utoImage, a leading domestic stock image company, has implemented feature updates to enhance user convenience. Through the utilization of AI technology, it has introduced an advanced search function that allows users to find desired images accurately and quickly, not only by keywords but also by sentences, making it the first in the domestic stock image industry to do so.

Until now, most stock image websites primarily relied on entering keywords in the search bar to find images. As a result, users had to repeatedly modify search terms to find the desired images, which often proved cumbersome, especially when multiple conditions were required.

For example, if a user needed an image of a person using a refillable container for environmental purposes, they had to enter words like 'refillable container' or 'trash can' multiple times to find the image they were looking for. Particularly for users not familiar with keyword usage, this process was even more time-consuming, and obtaining an image that satisfied all the conditions, such as a person filling a refillable container, was not easy.

The revamped search service of UtoImage, powered by artificial intelligence, reduces such inconvenience and allows users to search more accurately and quickly. By entering "a person using a refillable container for environmental purposes" in the search bar, users can easily find images that meet all the criteria.

As a result, users can now avoid the hassle of searching for the required images one by one by entering only keywords when they have the desired image in mind, and they can quickly obtain the desired results by entering search terms that include all the necessary conditions.

Additionally, UtoImage plans to further enhance user convenience by implementing image-based matching and recommendation search functions. This feature analyzes images uploaded by users and recommends similar images in real-time based on style, color, and theme.

BBTree CEO Chan-woo Jeong stated, "The search function, which applies our AI technology, provides precise and accurate search results, making the creative process of workers more efficient." He added, "BBitTree aims to establish itself as an essential solution for content creators by continuously advancing technology development, including the ability to generate new content using artificial intelligence."

On the other hand, BBitTree, which Sandoll acquired through its subsidiary last May, is a leading domestic digital stock content company that supplies various content, including crowdsourced stock images, videos, and audio, from renowned artists and content development companies worldwide to 50 countries under '123RF Korea' and 'YuToPhoto,' specialized stock image content for the Asia market.

Sandoll is accelerating its business expansion by expanding its content from fonts to stock images and continues to develop innovative technologies such as AI to dominate the content market as a comprehensive content platform.