[ Press release]Sandoll Forms Strategic Partnership with Cyclops ‘Expanding the Web Builder Market with Web Font Services’

4 Jul 2024
  • Sandoll Cloud Web Fonts to be provided in Publy’s content platform creation service
  • Sandoll creates opportunities to reach a diverse customer base by facilitating the use of web fonts in the web builder market

Thursday, July 4, 2024

content creator platform company Sandoll Inc. (CEO Young-ho Yun) announced a strategic partnership with Cyclops the operator of content platform builder Publ.

Through this agreement, Sandoll will provide its Sandoll Cloud web font services to Publ, the content platform creation service.

This partnership is expected to be a significant milestone for Sandoll Cloud in expanding its presence in the web font market. Collaboration with Publ will make the use of web fonts easier in the web builder market, creating opportunities for Sandoll to reach a diverse customer base.

Sandoll Cloud plans to offer web font services optimized for Publ’s web builder, based on its self-developed web font solutions. Sandoll Cloud web fonts boast a wide range of styles and uses, allowing users to choose fonts that suit their brand and content.

Publ web builder users can easily apply Sandoll Cloud web fonts through a simple process within the service, enabling them to use fonts without technical difficulties. This allows for creative and unique web page designs that work reliably across various browsers and platforms, enhancing user experience with fast loading speeds.

Websites that incorporate Sandoll Cloud web fonts benefit from text being recognized in menus and descriptions, aiding in search engine optimization. The fonts also integrate seamlessly with features like automatic translation, making it easier to reach global customers and increasing user convenience.

A Sandoll representative stated, "Sandoll Cloud web fonts are continually updated to reflect the latest trends and technologies, providing users with top-notch service. We plan to deliver tailored web font experiences to more customers through our collaboration with Publ."

Currently, Sandoll Cloud web fonts can be accessed on the official Sandoll Cloud website. Users can select their desired fonts, subscribe, and apply them to their websites.