LG EI Headline

"LG EI Headline" is a font family created with consideration for the environment of LG Electronics' web and app platforms.
It was produced with global usage in mind, including Latin, Latin Extended, Greek, and Vietnamese characters. The glyphs were arranged to meet the needs and objectives of global users and designed in an optimized form.

Based on LG's design philosophy of "Emotionally Intelligent," it was designed with a geometric impression through the contrasting outlines of the exterior and interior. The external circle symbolizes innovative technology, while the rounded corners inside represent warmth and emotion.

WeightThin, Light, Regular, SemiBold, Bold, Variable
TeamsLee Suhyun, Lee Yoobin, Im Changseop, Hwang Yujeong

Latin 95/ Extended Latin (including Vietnamese) 427/ Greek 74

Captures the unique culture of a brand and embodies it through typography.

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