LCK Title & Subtitle

"LCK Title & Subtitle" are font families created in collaboration with the online game developer 'Riot Games'.

Korean glyphs were added to Riot Games' existing Latin fonts, "Chaney Extended" and "Termina", and some Latin glyphs were updated to improve usability.

Considering the online environment where the font is applied, it was designed to be optimized for live game broadcasts.

ClientRiot Games Korea

Title: Extended, Ultra Extended

Subtitle: Regular, Medium, Bold

TeamsKim Chorong, Kang Minjae, Lee Suhyun, Kim Yoonah, Shin Yelim

Title: Hangul 2,780/ Latin 335/ Symbols 913

Subtitle: Hangul 11,172/ Latin 337/ Symbols 1,297 

Captures the unique culture of a brand and embodies it through typography.

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