IBM Plex Sans CJK

"IBM Plex Sans CJK" is an open-license font that supports over 100 languages, including Korean and Japanese.

Inspired by the history of 'IBM,' which has served as a mediator between humanity and machines, "IBM Plex Sans CJK" is designed to breathe life into this relationship. Sandoll has produced KR and JP versions to suit the cultures of Korea and Japan. 

Released2020 - 2024
Weight01 Thin, 02 ExtraLight, 03 Light, 04 Regular, 05 Text, 06 Medium, 07 SemiBold, 08 Bold
TeamsNoh Eunyou, Ma Kichan, Zhang Jiashuo, Im Changseop, Sim Wujin, Kim Chorong, Lee Dohee, Wi Yejin, Kim Jinhee, Kim Yeonah, Park Boomi, Bae Sungwoo, Choi Sungwoo, Shin Yelim

KR: Hangul 11,172/ Latin 95 / Symbols 967/ Additional glyphs 5

JP: Chinese characters 7,160/ Latin 95/ Kana 173/ Greek 48/ Cyrillic 66/ Symbols 1,95/ Additional glyphs 4

TC: (공개 예정)

SC: (공개 예정)

Captures the unique culture of a brand and embodies it through typography.

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