Airbnb Cereal Korean

"Airbnb Cereal Korean" is a beautifully functional global font family that reflects the brand personality of the global accommodation-sharing service 'Airbnb'.

It supports languages such as English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Devanagari, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, and Thai.

"Airbnb Cereal Korean" operates excellently in various environments, applying geometric and playful character expressions from Latin in a way that suits Korean culture and settings.

Released2020 - 2023

Light, Book, Bold, Variable

TeamsChoi Sungwoo, Kim Chorong, Han Hyewon, Kim Yoonyeong, Shin Yelim, Im Changseop, Hwang Yujeong

Hangul 11,172/ Latin 95/ Extended Latin 331/ Symbols 856/ Additional Symbols 43/ Icons 134

Captures the unique culture of a brand and embodies it through typography.

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